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Executive Coaching

Almost everybody will face, at a certain point in time, important questions about life and work to be answered and choices to be made. This can range from the desire to be more effective in doing ones job to solving more fundamental questions like a possible (forced) switch in your career.

The coaching process starts with an intake to define the exact issue to be solved. A tool that can enable this is a test that analyses effective and ineffective behavior. This test also gives feedback about important values of an individual.

Bernadette Crijns is certified to apply this test (RDA).

This test has been developed by the Universities of Utrecht and Twente and is based on psychological and linguistic ordering.

Team Coaching

The functioning of teams is highly effected by how the teams are composed. The differences in competences and behavior of the individual team members can counterbalance each other. This can increase the effectivity of teams.

The specific issues in the functioning of teams will be discussed in sessions with the teams, including actions to improve the team functioning. Sometimes individual coaching can support this process.

Strategic Human Resources Questions

Companies have to adapt on a regular basis to the changes in their environment and society. This implies immediate changes in the Human Resources Strategy.

There can be questions about competences required in the future, choices between hiring of contractors or permanent people, alliances with companies to acquire specific knowledge, training programs or reorganizations.

Human Resources Departments can be supported in designing new strategic HRM Strategies with a sound analysis of issues that are faced.

Bernadette Crijns cooperates with a broad network of consultants and specialists to support some of the processes.

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