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Welcome to Wijndomein De Planck

Wijndomein De Planck is a winery that uses innovative and professional ways of working to produce and market  Dutch quality wines.

The winery has the southernmost located vineyard of the Netherlands, located even more to the south than the northernmost tip of France. It is located at a beautiful, almost non-Dutch spot in the south of the province of Limburg. You will find towns like Aachen (Germany), Liege (Belgium) and Maastricht within a 20 minute drive.

There are many activities possible at Wijndomein De Planck such as wine tastings and tours through the vineyard and wine cellar. The winery also offers facilities to organize meetings, teambuilding activities and conferences. It is also possible to be officially wed at the winery and host your wedding at this special location with breathtaking views.

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